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Crappy art with a sprinkle of Oversharing

Felt bunny

The final result. I'm pretty satisfied with the bunny despite the flaws, given that it eas my forst attempt.

Felt bunny

I made a felt toy with a detachable head, with two head options for my sister. This is the final result before painting the face on it.

Working on Postcards for charity! Please share if you can't contribute!

Basically, my older brother is trying to get through Med school and needs $5,000 by October 20th so my family is doing everything we can to garner a dime.

I'm selling postcards for $2, all proceeds go towards my brother's schooling. This is a preorder stage, dm me to get your own or get on the waiting list.

Here's the link to the gofundme!

here's a preview of the current postcard designs:

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New Designs! (ahnka on the way!)

theonlytoner asked:

Yes my motivation for sketchtember died oops.nn nNever heard of the Loud House but will check it out and maybe do a doodle down the line. =3

Thank youuu ♡♡♡♡


Basic Room

Common/Secret Cat

The Cat Game


Basic Room

Common Cat

The Cat Game

Japanese Bob

Basic Room

Common cat

Cat Game

An old piece I re-sketched in early quarantine but didn't have time to post before.

An old henna design I found while cleaning up my old sketchbook pile.

Sketchtember 05

Chibi Van from escaflowne as requested from twitter


A lovely sketch of my lovely snek ♡

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this is gonna be me in 4 years

(based on that man lying in the coffin and waking up again meme ft. synclair)

self portrait

a cartoonification of my ugly ass

another shitty ms paint drawing

As the title says

Shitty MS paint flower

Exactly what the title says


How I imagined Lorelei from the creepypasta "The Girl Who Lives Inside My Wall" by The_Paranormologist to look like.


Cat game


Cat game.

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Justice for George Floyd
Justice for Regis Korchinski-Paquet


I made a sketch of my best friend, but I was so focused I forgot to step back and check for any mistakes. After going over the sketch with a pen I realized I got his face all crooked, and weirdly square too.